July 25-27 2017

The Hyatt Regency, Boston, MA

Partnership Opportunities

The 2nd Annual Ophthalmic Drug Development Summit will bring together key decision makers from industry – leading pharma and biotech companies in the ophthalmology space, who are actively seeking collaborators to overcome challenges in developing the next generation of ocular therapeutics.

The combination of an ever-increasing disease burden and a range of exciting emerging therapies means pharma and biotech companies are vying to seize the enormous untapped potential of the ophthalmology space.

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The Ophthalmic Drug Development Summit will bring these drug developers together and provide the following types of companies with a unique opportunity to showcase their expertise:

  • CROsEngage with the industry leaders to position yourself as the leading contract research organization in the field. As the field evolves to incorporate innovative new therapies and delivery strategies, showcase your CRO as one CRO that can accelerate rather than delay clinical development.
  • Drug delivery platformsPatient compliance continues to be an issue at the fore-front of the minds of drug developers in this field, meaning innovations in drug delivery techniques attract significant interest. This meeting will enable you to communicate the benefits of your drug delivery approach and demonstrate how it can add real value to drug developers.
  • Imaging technology Use this platform to build awareness of novel imaging techniques that will be able to add significant value to drug development programs.
  • CMOs Gene therapy approaches are rapidly realizing their long-anticipated potential, but drug developers are not sure who to partner with to overcome the unique challenges involved in manufacturing gene therapy products. Ensure that your business is front of mind.