July 25-27 2017

The Hyatt Regency, Boston, MA

About Event

Accelerating the Development & Commercialization of Better Ocular Drugs

New insights into disease biology and the accompanying excitement around emerging therapeutics means the ophthalmology space is poised for unprecedented growth.

The industry is however restricted by significant preclinical, clinical and commercialization challenges. These have to be overcome before the potential of novel therapeutic approaches approaches can be realized.

Incorporating a balance of insights into innovative therapies and solutions to existing challenges, the 2nd Annual Ophthalmic Drug Development Summit will bring together leading pharma, biotech and industry stakeholders to transform the success of your ophthalmic drug pipeline.

Rather than giving a broad commercial or specific disease focus, this scientifically focused Summit will bring you insight into the specific challenges faced by pharma and biotech companies, with representation from both.

Attend the Ophthalmic Drug Development Summit to learn how:

Novartis are enhancing pre-clinical models and pioneering novel clinical approaches, enabling you to learn how to establish a rapid yet robust development strategy
Spark Therapeutics have overcome challenges in endpoint identification and clinical development, including insights into how you can seize the opportunities presented by gene therapy in ophthalmology
Genentech are investigating innovative drug delivery approaches, allowing you to identify strategies to reduce patient burden and improve compliance
Aerie, Aerpio and Clearside have established effective internal and external frameworks for success , revealing how you can establish rapid, robust and cost-effective developmental processes
Santen view the commercial and operational side of the field, giving you insights into the investment decision-making processes at pharma organizations in the field

Leave the Ophthalmic Drug Development Summit with clear actions on how to realize the potential of this rapidly evolving field and transform your ophthalmic drug pipeline.